Mick Foley Says Original TNA Storyline Would Have Seen Him Purchase The X Division

Over the course of his 30-plus year career, it's probably hard to find wrestling promotions that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley hasn't worked for. He worked in WCW, had stints in Japan, and, of course, great success in WWE, but there was a window in time in which "The Hardcore Legend" spent nearly three years with TNA (now Impact Wrestling). 

This week on "Foley Is Pod," he recounted his original storyline idea for TNA that never came to be.

"My original storyline was supposed to be that I'd show up, I'd say, 'I'm Mick Foley and I've just purchased the X Division,'" he said. "When Scott [Fishman] gave me that, I was like, "Oh, man, I'm in.' I really wanted to do that."

While that idea was originally put on hold, it ultimately never materialized into an on-air story, which was what got Foley so interested in working with TNA in the first place. Having "The Icon" Sting around didn't hurt either, even though that wasn't the reason why the former WWF/E Champion decided to work there. "It wasn't really whether or not I was going to get to work with Sting," he added. "But definitely having him around was really a plus."

Foley's discontent with the promotion led to him being granted his release in June 2011, shortly before it was set to expire that fall. During his stint with the promotion, held the TNA Legends Championship (which went through multiple name changes before being retired in 2016) as well as the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (now the Impact Unified World Championship) — each on one occasion.

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