The Undertaker Recalls Kane Botching A Last Ride During Brothers Of Destruction Era

The Undertaker has recently opened up about his legendary wrestling career more than he ever has before, now that he's retired his famed "Deadman" gimmick for good. And on a recent episode of "Inside the Ropes," the seven-time world champion fondly remembered his tag team run with kayfabe brother, Kane — even laughing off a botch that became one of his favorite memories of their time together.

"One of my favorites is a match that we did ... where I did the powerbomb and then Kane was going to do the powerbomb and he threw this guy over his head, like, he'd never done ["The Last Ride"], and he ends up taking this guy and he throws him over his head," Calaway laughed. "It was just completely a botch, right? But it was so funny, because it was the big brother telling the little brother [how to do it]. It was so bad because these guys had to take two or three powerbombs while I showed Kane how to do 'The Last Ride.' It was so much fun."

'Taker reminisced about the story while discussing how dominant he and Kane were as a tag team in WWE, dubbed the "Brothers of Destruction." "It would've been fun to take it a little bit further, but there was just nobody that really matched up to us," he said, noting how each character had supernatural abilities in addition to being two of the biggest wrestlers on the roster at the time. "It was just going to be a slaughter fest." Kane and 'Taker held the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, while also once capturing the WCW Tag Team Championship as part of 2001's infamous WCW and ECW invasion storyline.