Kane Reveals Why He Never Jumped From WWF To WCW

Few wrestlers have had as long of a run in one company as Kane has, with the Big Red Machine having been employed by WWE since 1995 and still appearing to this day, allowing him to put together a legendary career.


Kane has been loyal to Vince McMahon over the years, and he told "Honest Offense with Eric Cervone" that it was because he saw WWE as "the major league" in professional wrestling. He was around during the Monday Night Wars when many wrestlers went back and forth between the promotions, and he admitted "WCW was really making a play" and that "they had a lot of money."

But despite that, he ended up sticking with WWE throughout that period, which was arguably when his character was at its hottest. In Kane's opinion, "WWE was just a better run company," which was his main reason for sticking with them.

"At that point, I was already in WWE, I already had my opportunity ... Yeah, there were people making a lot of money in WCW, but I felt that the future was with WWE," he said. "And by that time, I also had a personal relationship with them and never felt like leaving."


Kane remains with WWE to this day where he makes sporadic appearances as a legend, and his career was honored in 2021 when he was officially inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame. During his time in the business, Kane was able to accomplish several feats, including being a former one-time World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, WWE Champion, Hardcore Champion, and 24/7 Champion. He also held the Intercontinental Championship twice and is a 12-time Tag Team Champion.

Kane held three different types of tag titles with a variety of different partners, one of which went on social media to call him out recently. This came after Kane had claimed, "the mainstream media would have you believe that America is the land of gun violence and mass shootings when, in fact, as Hannah D. Cox points out, our per capita rates of gun deaths are actually much lower than many other countries."

His former partner, X-Pac, was quick to respond, making it clear that he was disappointed to hear Kane have those views as he tweeted that it, "Breaks my heart reading this s–t from you. Wtf man?!"

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