Dustin Rhodes Announces Intent To Launch New Promotion With Rhodes Wrestling Academy

Following in the footsteps of Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion, which provides a showcase for Booker's students at his Houston-area training school, Dustin Rhodes is hoping to provide a showcase for the students of the Rhodes Wrestling Academy in Austin, Texas. "This is their time to shine just a little bit," Rhodes said on "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling." Rhodes plans on calling the promotion the Rhodes Wrestling Association. "I can more do those things so that they can work in front of a crowd here in Austin, and hopefully we'll build up an audience."


According to Rhodes, he's hoping to have the promotion up and running by late summer. Rhodes notes that there have been other promotions coming to the Austin area like Inspire Pro Wrestling and Wrestle Circus, but Rhodes thinks that a local approach should help build a following. "I think we can take over this market in Austin and do something big with it," Rhodes professed, "and that's all I'm hoping for, that these kids have a place to go in front of kids, in front of people to feel their energy, because this is only so much. When you have 300 people it gives you so much more energy."

Rhodes thinks that the city of Austin itself will be a big help in inspiring his students. "They love their wrestling here." Rhodes is focused on what he can provide to the future of professional wrestling, as he has decided that 2023 will be the final year of his in-ring career, ending at 35 years.