Mike Chioda Bemoans The Predictability Of Cody Rhodes Winning At WWE WrestleMania

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has been a part of his fair share of WrestleManias, but is concerned about the WWE leaning into the predictable with this year's main event. Roman Reigns will battle Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and the odds state that Rhodes is the heavy favorite to become the new champion.


In addition, Rhodes' road to a WrestleMania win makes a good deal of sense from a storyline perspective and Chioda said he'd likely buck the convention in favor of surprising fans.

"If I was a writer, I'd probably put Roman over," Chioda said on his AdFreeShows.com "Monday Mailbag." He thinks it's too predictable to put Rhodes over. "That's what kills me, WrestleManias, they're so straight and forward."

Chioda, however, sees the "Catch-22" situation of having Reigns defeat Rhodes to retain his long-held gold. "I don't know how they say, 'Okay, Cody, you get to the main stage now, you're back with WWE, and we're going to job you out. I can't see that either, but if they wanna swerve the fans, you know what I'm saying?"


"But at WrestleMania? They gonna do a swerve?" asked co-host Paul Bromwell.

"Yeah, I know. Then what are you gonna do? Give it to him at Raw? Or SmackDown?" Chioda asked diplomatically. "I wanna say Cody, but I'm gonna say Roman, 'cause hey look, Cody and Roman don't make these decisions."

Bromwell noted that those decisions likely boil down to Triple H and probably Bruce Prichard, before noting that Chioda previously said that he thinks Vince McMahon still has his hands in the creative till. "Of course," Chioda chuckled.