Former WWE Star Pays Tribute To The Late Perro Aguayo Jr.

March 21 marked the 8th anniversary of the tragic death of Perro Aguayo Jr., who passed away in the ring in 2015 at the age of 35. AAA paid tribute to Aguayo Jr. on social media, CMLL, where the Perros del Mal founder worked from 2003 to 2008, honored the late star at their Tuesday evening show in Arena Mexico by one of their top stars.

As originally noted by luchablog, CMLL's Místico – who many may recall as the original Sin Cara from his stint in WWE — made his way to the ring for last night's main event wearing a silver Perros del Mal mask, in tribute to Aguayo Jr. CMLL posted more photos on Twitter of Místico holding the mask, along with a brief message.

"Requiem for a great rival," CMLL tweeted. "Místico appeared with a mask to remember one of his greatest rivals (El Hijo del Perro Aguayo) 8 years after his departure."

Místico did his late rival proud with his tribute, as he, Atlantis, and Panterita del Ring Jr. defeated Averno, Gran Guerrero, and Templario in the main event.

Both Místico and Aguayo Jr. achieved stardom around the same time in the mid-2000s, and have been credited as two of the key cogs in establishing a new boom period in Arena Mexico. With Místico as a technico and Aguayo Jr. as a rudo, the two developed a rivalry that lasted till Aguayo Jr. left CMLL in 2008, and resumed again when Místico joined AAA in 2014 as Myzteziz. 

In seven total singles matches, Místico held a 5-2 record over Aguayo Jr., and their last match, for AAA in February 2015, was Aguayo Jr.'s final singles match.