Booker T Appreciates LA Knight's Perseverance In WWE, Thinks It Will Pay Off

Booker T loves the hustle of LA Knight, sucka. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer had some high praise for the former Eli Drake, and he offered a good explanation as to why. "He's not the chosen one," Booker said on "The Hall Of Fame." "He's not the guy who was picked to be the face of the company or anything like that. This guy's literally carving his own path. He's gonna find a way on that card. He's gonna find his way to the main event." Booker argued Knight has a hustler mentality, and will get himself into the title picture by sheer force of will.


"He's got flavor, he's got charisma, he's got showmanship. Only thing that guy needs is an opportunity. All that guy needs is to get the ball one time and once he gets the ball and if he scores, man the sky's the limit for LA Knight." A positive sign for Knight was working that "Raw XXX" segment with Undertaker, but Booker states that the fans will dictate what your role is going to be, and he shares the similarity of not being 'the guy' with Knight. Booker mentions how he turned his comical "King Booker" gimmick into a world title run. Even with Knight's aborted stint as Max Dupri, Booker said although it was handicapping him, there was a silver lining to it.

Knight was put in a position where he could have failed but he said, 'Let me take this role and try to make it something,'" Booker continued. "This is a guy that's not going to bail on the situation ... I respect that man. I respect that to the utmost. ... I think LA Knight, Eli Drake, he understands the big picture."