Boy Meets World Stars Reunite With Mick Foley

The 1990's sitcom "Boy Meets World" had a couple notable pro wrestling guest stars during its seven-season run. In season two, Vader appeared to portray the father of a school bully. And later in the final season, Mick Foley guest starred as Mankind, who busted a door down while donning attire he wore at WrestleMania XV. Foley served as a special guest referee of sorts during an apartment wrestling match to help settle a debate over which group of friends would have ownership over a coveted apartment. Despite the short appearances, each moment seemed to have left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Over the weekend at Galaxy Con in Richmond, Virginia, Rider Strong and Danielle Fishel-Karp, who played Shawn Hunter and Topanga Lawrence, respectively, snapped a photo with Foley, noting that they ran into "an old friend." Foley wasn't the only wrestler who met the former "Boy Meets World" cast members as AEW star Britt Baker also tweeted a photo with Strong, Fishel, Will Friedle (Eric Matthews), and Trina McGee-Davis (Angela Moore).

Fishel-Karp previously shared that she actually became a pro wrestling fan through the show's incorporation of Vader and Mankind. When she began dating her now-husband, they attended Pro Wrestling Guerilla shows in California before checking out "WWE NXT" when indie talent signed with the brand. She's also been seen visiting backstage at other WWE events and was once a guest on The New Day's "Feel The Power" podcast. In 2021, the former Topanga noted that she preferred AEW to WWE as she found the storylines to be "more interesting" at that time.