Tony Khan Shares His Reasoning For Keeping MJF A Villain In Spite Of Fans' Babyface Reactions

It's very rare in the world of professional wrestling for a performer to maintain the same character for the duration of their career. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is the exception to the rule, but generally, all of the greats evolved in some way during their time in the ring. 

Talent today can even be seen switching from heel to face constantly depending on what promotion they're appearing in. However, MJF consistently stays in heel mode no matter what. Even when he's being cheered, he's doing something despicable, like throwing a drink in a little kid's face, and because of actions like that, it could be difficult for any promoter to present the current AEW World Champion as a good guy. Luckily, Tony Khan knows that this is the case.

In an interview with "Los Angeles Times," Khan said that there's no use in turning MJF face in AEW. Not only would the audience not buy it, but the Long Island native clearly savors the sea of hatred he sails every week on television. "I listen to the fans," said the AEW owner. 

"When the reactions were so massive, I had to at least think about [making MJF a good guy], but MJF is the world's best young pro wrestler and one of the best pro wrestling heels of any age I've ever seen, and I think his ability to antagonize the other wrestlers and the crowd is unparalleled. AEW is at its strongest when MJF is at his worst as a villain."

Khan and AEW are all in on the "Salt of the Earth." But when the company needs to sign him to a new contract, it will be interesting to see if MJF pulls another heel move by jumping ship.