Ring Of Honor Is Ahead Of Tony Khan's Expectations Heading Into Supercard Anniversary

Ahead of ROH's Supercard of Honor pay-per-view this weekend, ROH owner and CEO Tony Khan said the company is "ahead" of the expectations he set forth when he bought the promotion early last year. Khan, who also of course owns AEW and announced the purchase of ROH a little over a year ago, opened up about the company's health and streaming numbers in a new interview with "FITE in Focus." "We are ahead of where I anticipated being," Khan said.



Khan claimed ROH's streaming service "Honor Club" has "more subscribers than ever before" in the promotion's history. The new ROH owner announced late last year that he was resurrecting the streaming service after the promotion stopped broadcasting shows via the app in late 2021. The billionaire's son also said he's been "really having fun" running his second wrestling promotion since acquiring it last March.

"I was talking, actually, to Kenny Omega about this the other day and I was saying I feel more invigorated," Khan said. "I feel better than I have probably since we started, because I love doing Ring of Honor and AEW. It takes so much of the pressure off and people thought it would put more pressure on, but I love being able to do some of the things you can't do with AEW. There's no commercials, there's no time restrictions and content restrictions, and I can really just go wild with it. It reminds me in a lot of ways of the 'Dynamites' I wrote in a notebook long before there was an AEW or before I had to deal with the reality of commercial breaks and showtime durations and segments and stuff like that."