Tony Khan Confirms AEW's Dante Martin Injured At ROH Supercard Of Honor

In a tragic turn of events, Top Flight's Dante Martin was stretchered out of the arena after he appeared to suffer a foot/ankle injury during the Reach for the Sky ladder match for the vacant ROH World Tag Team Titles at Friday's ROH Supercard of Honor. The injury occurred towards the closing stages of the bout when Martin attempted a Canadian Destroyer spot off a ladder bridge through stacked tables placed in the outside area.

During the post-event media scrum, AEW/ROH Owner Tony Khan confirmed Martin's injury but did not elaborate on the extent of it.

"He's at the hospital right now," Khan confirmed. "Right before I came out here, I spoke to Darius [Martin] and they're all at the hospital. We hope to receive a positive update soon. Dante is in pain, but I'm wishing the best for him. We're all praying for Dante. He's an amazing wrestler. Obviously, his brother has been through serious injuries and missed time. We love Darius, too, and missed him when he was out. 

"I guess Dante will also be out of action for some time," Khan continued. "We look forward to Darius taking the time to grow and learn from it. Dante is someone who is going to be with us for a very, very long time. I care very much about Dante. I've got to him know him since he came up with us during the Pandemic, and this [injury] hurt a lot of people in the back, including myself. But it hurt nobody more than poor Dante, and we just hope he's going to be okay."

A clip of Dante's injury can be seen below.