Bianca Belair Comments On Possibility Of Having The Longest Reign With Any Active WWE Main Roster Women's Title - Exclusive

Bianca Belair has been the "WWE Raw" Women's Champion for a staggering 364 days, and when she enters WrestleMania 39's second night to defend against Asuka she'll have held the title for exactly one year. More impressive still, if Belair reaches another month as champion, she'll have the longest main roster Women's Championship reign with any of the three women's titles currently active. Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Senior Lead News Editor Miles Schneiderman, Belair commented on possibly reaching such a lofty achievement.

"It would mean a lot, especially breaking someone's record like Becky Lynch, who's done so much for the business and done so much for the women's roster. It's an honor. It's let me know that I'm doing something right," Belair said, "And it's let me know that I'm putting my name in history books, right. My name is in the conversation with these amazing great women. And so it's an honor and I'm just looking to keep riding this journey."

Belair's reign with the "Raw" Women's Championship began last year at WrestleMania 38 when she beat Lynch after months of chasing the title. If Belair was to hold it long enough to gain the lofty record, only one women's championship in WWE would have a longer reign, the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship. That title has had three reigns span into the four and even five hundred-day range. Ironically, it's Belair's WrestleMania opponent, Asuka, that holds the distinction of having the longest "NXT" Women's Championship reign at 510 days.