Triple H Kicks Off Raw After WrestleMania, Talks Endeavor Announcement And Assures Fans WWE Isn't Going Anywhere

The epic "WWE Raw" after WrestleMania started out with an appearance from the WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque. The man in charge of WWE's creative direction came out with a roaring reaction from fans, thanking everyone involved for the incredible weekend they had for WrestleMania 39. In the process, "Triple H" named several people, including Stu the cameraman, the WWE talent and crew, along with the WWE Universe at large.


Not only did "Triple H" take the time to give thanks, but "The Game" also spoke about the bombshell WWE sale news that dropped earlier in the day, referencing that it was the one thing the world was talking about following last night's epic Sunday show. In response, "Triple H" assured everyone "that the same WWE that you know and love is going nowhere" and that fans can expect the same show they're used to involving the same top stars. During last night's WrestleMania 39 Sunday press conference, the CCO wouldn't comment on the sale. Monday night, he told fans that he can promise no matter what happens, "WWE is going nowhere." Just like last night, Triple H even brought out the traditional WWE line "Then. Now. Together. Forever." before introducing the victor of last night's Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match, Roman Reigns.


WWE's sale to Endeavor was made official this morning, with the company set to merge with the UFC to create its own separate company. Once the deal is finalized, Endeavor will own 51 percent of WWE, and the WWE shareholders will own 49 percent.