RJ City Reflects On David Arquette's Indie Wrestling Resurrection For Respect

It's not every day that someone in wrestling is able to both host a successful wrestling talk show, while also being the guy who was once tag team partners with the lead of "Eight Legged Freaks." But then there is RJ City, who can claim both of those accomplishments thanks to his hit internet show "Hey! (EW)" and his tag team with "Freaks" star David Arquette, one that nearly took them all the way to Impact, ROH, and WWE.


In an interview with "AEW Unrestricted," City revealed how he and Arquette initially got acquainted, and how things led from City being a behind-the-scenes player in Arquette's wrestling comeback to them working together in the squared circle.

"David's old writing partner was a fan of mine in Toronto, he would go to the indie shows," City said. "And David was looking at getting back into wrestling. Ben, that's his name, said, 'You've got to talk to RJ.' So I talked to him on Twitter, and then it turned into this whole thing."

RJ City Says David Arquette Was Obsessed With Earning Respect In Wrestling

When the topic turned to David Arquette's documentary on his return to wrestling, however, RJ City admitted it was frustrating for him to watch. Not because of any animosity between him and Arquette, but because it didn't quite capture just how much wrestling meant to the actor.


"I don't think people can appreciate how much he did when the cameras weren't there," City said. "He would just go to indie shows. We would team together after we wrestled. We were this odd couple tag team. And he would show up and I would say, 'Where's the crew?' He says, 'There's no crew. I wanted to wrestle.'

"He was obsessed with earning the respect of these people. What a business to look for respect, but that's a story for another day. And he was just so good to everybody, and he would give so much stuff away for free, and always try to pay for dinner for the boys. Just really, aggressively nice."

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