Cody Rhodes And Triple H Have Yet To Discuss 'The Throne Incident'

Some wounds remain open from Cody Rhodes' six-year departure from WWE. While talking to Sports Illustrated during WrestleMania 39's press week, "The American Nightmare" opened up about how he's still never talked to Triple H about the "throne incident" in AEW. Rhodes, who left WWE in 2016 and helped launch AEW in 2019, memorably took a sledgehammer to a throne to kick off the new promotion's "Double or Nothing" event that year.


"It's not mentioned," he said. "And I'd love it to be mentioned eventually, because I still have my broken throne at the Nightmare Factory. I was in the warehouse the other day with WWE and there's the throne-throne, it's just sitting right there. There's replicas. Mine is a replica of the throne-throne. I think there's some imagery, some iconography that could be utilized for a show potentially. So, I'd love it if we eventually talk about it." But Rhodes maintains there's no bad blood, despite the issue being unspoken. In fact, earlier in the interview, Rhodes said that everybody was "happy to have me back" when he returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38.

Rhodes also said that when he won the ROH World Championship in 2017, Triple H texted "congrats." "I was glad [to get that text]," Rhodes said, pointing out the show ended after midnight. "I found out later, he watched every bit of it. He kept tabs on me." Rhodes' loss at WrestleMania 39 fueled theories online that WWE was out to bury the second-generation star for having left the company in 2016, and being outspoken about feeling he was misused in the past. Rhodes' story remains unfinished, however, challenging Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a rematch for the unified titles — presuming Brock Lesnar doesn't present a roadblock first.