Getting Asked To Return For Royal Rumble Means Barbie Blank Made Her Mark In WWE

For some returnees, the Royal Rumble warrants an opportunity to relive some wrestling nostalgia, but for Barbie Blank, it signified much more. Appearing on "The Sessions With Renee Paquette," Blank — better known to wrestling fans as Kelly Kelly — spoke about her sporadic returns to WWE following her initial exit from the company in 2012.

"I love when they call me and I love when they're like, 'Hey, we want you to come back for this "Raw" reunion. We want you to win the 24/7 title. We want you to come back for the Rumble.' It's so cool that I'm still brought into these conversations and I'm still brought up in these meetings of who we want to bring back. It's cool because it's like, 'Okay, I made a mark.'"

Blank admitted that she thought fans would have forgotten who she was once her music hit for the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble, but evidently, that wasn't the case. Upon entering the fray at #19 that year, the Philadelphia audience erupted in cheers for the former Divas Champion. With the combination of the crowd pops and her recurring invitations to come back to WWE, she finally believes that her career truly made an impact on fans.

Blank's last in-ring performance came at the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match. Following that appearance, Blank revealed that she wanted to wrap up her WWE career in a match against Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks (now known as Mercedes Moné). As of now, though, those plans will have to be put on the backburner as Blank recently announced she's expecting her first child later this fall.