Rip Fowler And Jagger Reid Still With WWE, Appear At NXT Level Up Taping

It appears "WWE NXT" superstars Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid are still very much employed by the WWE.

In the aftermath of The Schism's loss to Chase U at the Stand & Deliver pre-show, Fightful Select reported that The Dyad, FKA the Grizzled Young Veterans, requested their release from the company. Subsequently, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported that Reid and Fowler's releases were granted by the promotion. While the reports were never confirmed by WWE, Reid or Fowler, it's worth noting that Reid tweeted a picture of the Grizzled Young Veterans Tuesday morning, which fans perceived as a sign of the duo's imminent WWE exit. Furthermore, shortly after their loss at Stand & Deliver, Reid sent out an emotional message through which he said it doesn't matter if he and his partner were on a dark match, a pre-show match, or were handed "different names" by the WWE — they'd still "always deliver" and "always be Grizzled."

Amid all the chatter of their WWE departure, Reid and Fowler appeared at a "WWE NXT Level Up" taping on Tuesday night, accompanying The Schism's Joe Gacy to the ring for his match against Oro Mensah. According to fans at the arena, Ava, the daughter of The Rock, was also at the taping, as The Schism appeared as a unit in support of Gacy, the leader of the stable. 

Despite spending more than four years in the WWE, Reid and Fowler have yet to be called up to the promotion's main roster.