Saraya Says Cody Rhodes Came Up With The Term 'Glampire'

When it comes to names and nicknames, there can be extensive meaning and a prestigious lineage that comes with them. Alternatively, they can pop up out of nowhere, and for one reason or another, they just stick. That's probably why you still call your formerly short friend "Little Nicky" even though he's grown considerably in the 30 years since grade school. But for some people, like AEW's Saraya, they embrace the offhand comment that created their nickname and turn it into their whole brand.

During an appearance on Z100's "Superstar Crossover," the very first "NXT" Women's Champion revealed the origins of her moniker "the Glampire." The conceit of the show is that one guest leaves a question for an unknown next guest; in this case, Cody Rhodes asked, "How much do they miss me?" The second guest happened to be the former Paige, who revealed that she had not seen "The American Nightmare" in quite some time, so the answer was essentially "quite a bit." But she also shared how the AEW founder came up with her favorite epithet.

"We were doing 'Tribute to the Troops' and he was Stardust," she said. "There was this girl that was looking at me like, but she looked like me. She was gothic or whatever. He was like, 'She kind of looks like you, but you're a more glamorous version. Like a glampire!' I loved that so much. I don't think he would even remember that, but I took it, stole it, loved it. He's an angel and hopefully I get to see him again soon."

From that moment on, not only has Saraya used the term "glampire" as a way to describe herself, but she has used it to brand her various endeavors including fashion, makeup, and blogging — all thanks to Cody Rhodes.