THQ Nordic Rep Disputes Report That AEW Fight Forever Is Ready To Release

Last month, AEW boss Tony Khan shared what was seemingly good news about the company's "AEW Fight Forever" video game, saying after the Revolution pay-per-view that "the game is finished," but that he wasn't yet able to announce a release date. That came a couple weeks after Kenny Omega explained that a major hurdle, earning a "Teen" rating from the ESRB, had been cleared. But after a month of silence since Khan's statement, many fans are wondering what's going on. Recently, THQ Nordic's senior community manager, who goes by "Zyddie" online, tweeted that the game was not ready yet, something that he expanded on in the replies and on a Twitch stream.


"I mean if you want an unfinished game sure we could release now," Zyddie wrote in the initial tweet, responding to a question about a Wrestling Observer report that development was complete. "The game is doing really well and is getting there, but not 100% yet, so yea just another rumor on twitter I fear." In subsequent replies and on Twitch, Zyddie explained where the confusion might be coming from.

"So for a publisher, a game is not done before it's ready and out the door," Zyddie said on the stream (transcript courtesy of WrestleZone). That's when it's done for us. Because then we have to go retail, we have to deal with submissions; we have to deal with different platforms, we have to deal with different platform packs, all these things are a huge part of game development for us. And that's why I keep saying that I do not believe anybody lied. I do not believe there's any kind of miscommunication in any shape or form. I believe that simply some people look at it differently because they don't look at it through the eyes of a publisher. A lot goes into it. And for me, as somebody who is part of the publishing house, it's very different for me what completes a game and what doesn't." For the time being, the release date of "AEW Fight Forever" remains a mystery.