Samuray Del Sol Discusses Impact Of Fellow Luchador Rey Mysterio Entering WWE Hall Of Fame

It was "long overdue" for Rey Mysterio to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, former colleague Samuray del Sol said recently. On the latest episode of "The Sessions," the luchador opened up about his career and what Mysterio means to him and WWE's Latin fanbase. Mysterio, 48, was inducted earlier this month and headlined the 2023 class, the night before defeating his son Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39.


"It was great. It was long overdue," said del Sol, who was known as Kalisto during his time in WWE. "I told [Rey] he's the greatest mask of all time, but I am the greatest teacher of all time, and there has to be this match one day. He's like, man, that's pretty good. But yeah, I'm really proud of him. And I'm proud of Dominik." Del Sol, aka Emanuel Rodriguez, said the moment was also a bit "bittersweet" for him after experiencing roadblocks during his time with WWE as he tried to push the company to embrace its Latin fanbase more. WWE has made efforts as of late, hosting next month's Backlash event in Puerto Rico, working with singer Bad Bunny, and reviving the Latino World Order with Mysterio at the helm — a far stretch from when del Sol said he needed to ask WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for "permission" to do outreach to the Latin community.


"I'm happy that it's finally happening, but for a really long time I was always advocating for the Latinos," del Sol said. "There is some kind of sadness that I'm not a part of it, but I'm also happy and I'm grateful that they're starting it and they're doing it, you know?"