Dax Harwood Never Wanted AEW-WWE Bidding War For FTR, Explains Contract Decision

For nearly half a year, FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler teased that they might be leaving AEW and heading back to WWE. But on the latest episode of the "FTR with Dax" podcast, Harwood explained there was never an intention to start a bidding war between the two promotions or pit them against one another. 

Simply put, Harwood said, "the best course of action for us was to stick around here at AEW." It was about far more than the price of the contract.

"Never, ever, ever did I want any kind of bidding war between WWE and AEW," the wrestler said. "Never did I want to try to play one side against the other. It was all literally me taking everything for the last ... 19 years of my career, compiling it up in my brain and wondering what the best course of action for me is, because I want to make sure my legacy, our legacy is cemented. I want to build on that legacy even more, take care of my family the best way I can, and the best way to take care of my family right now is just make sure that ... I'm spending all the time that I'm allowed to spend with them. There were a lot of factors in it, and Tony Khan and AEW just provided us with the best ... schedule."

Harwood, who won the AEW World Tag Team Championships alongside Wheeler on last week's "Dynamite," said "everything that we've earned, everything that we've got for these last three years is because of what we've done in AEW.

"The legacy that we have, we have created, cemented, built on over the last three years is because of what Tony Khan can offer us," he said.

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