LuFisto Forced To Cancel Some Bookings Due To Concussion Suffered At Day Job

As that video that played before the start of WWE DVDs back in the day said, the hazards of pro wrestling are real and "don't try this at home." But as women's wrestling legend LuFisto has evidently learned the hard way, those hazards can even be topped by things you would never expect, like a regular old workplace. The Sorel, Quebec, Canada native, and Independent Wrestling Hall of Famer, took to Twitter recently to reveal she would be taking a break from the ring, and unfortunately not by choice.

"I had to cancel a few bookings," LuFisto tweeted. "Why? Shelf: 1 LuFisto: 0. Check images for details..." True to her word, LuFisto included two short statements in her tweet explaining the cancellation, as well as an explanation for why she was losing to a shelf. In short, LuFisto's main point appears to be that steel shelves are nothing to mess with.

"Long story short, I went through two death matches fine but got knocked out at work three days later," LuFisto said. "I suffered a mild concussion and a cervical sprain from hitting my head real hard on a steel shelf as I bent down to put one of our products on the bottom shelf. Yes, this is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, I'm listening to the doctor and I will rest as long as needed. I'm hoping to be back for the next C4 Wrestling show on the 28th but I'll see how I feel then. I want to make sure I'm back at 110% so I can give you the very best of me. Thank you."

Wrestling Inc. would like to wish LuFisto a speedy recovery as she heals up.