Chris Jericho: Inner Circle Was Guns & Roses, JAS Is Rolling Stones (Or A Boy Band)

Since joining AEW when the promotion was formed in 2019, Chris Jericho has liked being surrounded by a faction. For the first three years, Jericho was the leader of The Inner Circle, before ultimately disbanding the group to form the Jericho Appreciation Society, featuring some former members of the Inner Circle, but with more of a "sports entertainment" style twist.

In an appearance on the "Battleground Podcast," the iconic star compared and contrasted his two stables, and described The Inner Circle as akin to the famous band featuring Jericho's good friend, Duff McKagan

"I think when The Inner Circle was first formed, it had almost a Guns N' Roses vibe to me," Jericho said. "We had five guys that had completely different looks, yet when you put them together, it looked cohesive and cool. The first group picture we took, I said, 'That looks really cool. There's five different guys, but everyone fits.' And it was much more of a wild pack of dogs, I think with The Inner Circle.

"I think the Jericho Appreciation Society is much more finesse. I think the Jericho Appreciation Society is much more character. And also too, to me, if the Inner Circle's Guns N' Roses, the JAS is the Rolling Stones. We've got chicks in the band now, we've got an extra guitar player so to speak, with the six guys."

Regardless of their differences or similarities, Jericho believes both the Inner Circle and JAS have succeeded at their main goal — giving newer stars like Sammy Guevara, Proud N' Powerful, Anna Jay, Daniel Garcia, and "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard a spotlight, which he feels they've done a good job of.

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