Chad Gable Says WrestleMania Tag Showcase Participants Knew They Had To Put On A Show

WWE WrestleMania 39 was the first to be booked by WWE Chief Content Office Paul "Triple H" Levesque. As a result, the two-night Hollywood card was balanced out a bit more and featured two four-way tag team "showcase" matches to represent the men's and women's tag divisions. During a recent appearance on "Out of Character," Chad Gable discussed what their mindset was going into the showcase bout.

"I think when that match got announced, a lot of people thought, 'Oh, they're just throwing this match on the card to get a bunch of guys a match,'" Gable said, "which, whatever, fair enough. But, we didn't look at it that way. I think all of us treated it like, 'This is our chance, chip on our shoulder, we have the chance to prove something here,' like not only did we deserve to be on the show from the beginning, but if they're going to do it and a call it a showcase thing, that's exactly what we're going to give them."

Gable noted that the showcase tag match could become an annual tradition going forward because of what they produced. The former tag team champion also recalled the logistics of pulling off the impressive Chaos Theory on Braun Strowman before the tag teams collectively did a major Tower of Doom spot. He believes the Tower of Doom spot specifically was a testament to the variety of skills and characters represented by Alpha Academy, The Viking Raiders, Street Profits, and Ricochet and Strowman. Ultimately, it was the Street Profits who walked away with the victory.

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