Freddie Prinze Jr. Says MJF Is Wrestling's Gold Standard, Roman Reigns 'Not Even Close'

The debate among wrestling fans always rages on as to who the best is — with everyone holding firm to their pick at the top of the heap. Freddie Prinze Jr. weighed in on the matter on his podcast "Wrestling With Freddie," and for all the choices available to him, he went with a familiar friend ahead of everyone else in the industry: Maxwell Jacob Friedman.


"This dude is the gold standard of professional wrestling. He is top of the food chain," Prinze stated unequivocally before putting him head-to-head in comparison with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. "Roman Reigns is what he is. He's great, and he's not even close to reaching what MJF already has. And MJF hasn't been doing it half as long, at this level," he added. "This dude — he could go out next week, sit in a stool, open Dr. Seuss books (the one that you're not allowed to read anymore), and read it word for word, and show the pictures of the racist imagery that everyone got mad about, and they would cheer, and it would be the highest-rated segment of the week."

Prinze didn't elaborate on whether or not Roman Reigns would be capable of generating a similar response for doing the same thing, although given WWE's direction since the Attitude Era, we'll likely never find out. One has to wonder if Tony Khan will ever take up Prinze's theory to know for sure.


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