Dustin Rhodes Knocks Scripted Promos: 'There Is No Real Emotion In Them'

It's easy to look at professional wrestling and say the toughest part of the business are the moves being performed in the ring. But to many veterans, it's the talking that's often proved the most challenging -– and perhaps the most important.


In a recent interview with the "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling" show, Dustin Rhodes opened up about why he thinks a natural, off-the-cuff promo is better than a scripted speech, and why he thinks that's one of the most important things a young wrestler can hone early on in their career.

"The problem was scripted promos are they're scripted," Rhodes said. "They're not coming from emotion and there's no real emotion in them. It's what somebody has written for you. What I didn't learn is when a scripted promos handed to you, they never told you need to make this your own. So, if you have a script promo ... I'm going to [take those words] and make them my own so that I can bring the emotion, so that I can move somebody sitting at home."


Rhodes said he believes it's "very important these days for the youngsters that are getting into the business to focus on not so much that moves, not so much for what you say, but how you move someone sitting at home, casually tuning in for the first time."

Rhodes said that's something his late father, Dusty Rhodes, taught him when he first started out. And Dustin's famous character work, particularly his time as Goldust during WWF's "Attitude Era," is certainly what put Dusty's eldest son on the map.

"You want to hook them," the longtime WWE and AEW star said. "You want him to feel it when they're sitting there and they're like 'holy man, that was incredible, I got to watch this next week.'"

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