Matt Cardona Teases Challenge To MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone

Matt Cardona has found a second wind since he was released by WWE in 2020, racking up more titles in the last two and a half years than he ever had before. And now the "Internet Champion" appears to be using social media to lay down the tracks to his next pro wrestling milestone: the Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Cardona responded to a question laid out in a tweet by MLW which asked fans who current heavyweight champion Alex Hammerstone's next challenger should be.

"551 days and counting as #MLW World Heavyweight Champ," MLW's tweet read. "If you were matchmaker, who would step up next to challenge Hammerstone?"

The former WWE star quickly raised his hand, responding with a recent photo of himself holding seven championship belts at once, appearing to toss his hat in the ring in hopes of facing Hammerstone. Cardona currently has so many championship belts that he needed to hold one with his teeth in order to hold them all up in the picture. The independent wrestler currently holds the Wrestling Showcase Championship, the WSW World Heavyweight Championship, the SCX Championship, the Jericho Cruise Oceanic Championship, the ASW Heavyweight Championship, the AIW Absolute Championship, and of course, his self-made and self-proclaimed "Internet Championship."

Throughout 15 years with WWE, Cardona (as Zack Ryder) held the Intercontinental and the United States Championships, while also twice holding the "Raw" Tag Team Championship with Curt Hawkins. Adding MLW's top title to his resume might prove difficult, however. Since defeating Anoa'i family member Jacob Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight Championship in 2021, Hammerstone has proven to be unstoppable in singles competition, going 13-0 with two "no contests" in the last two years, retaining against the likes of Octagon Jr., Davey Richards, and Fatu.