Nick Khan Confirms Triple H's Role Following WWE-UFC Merger

The WWE-UFC merger under Endeavor has led to some shakeups behind the scenes in both companies, but Paul "Triple H" Levesque's role is expected to stay the same, at least for the time being. During a recent interview with Lightshed Live, WWE CEO Nick Khan said that Levesque is the "sole Chief Creative Officer," and the role seems similar to the Chief Content Officer he had prior.


Levesque assumed control of WWE's creative output following Vince McMahon's temporary retirement in 2022 as a result of some well-documented misconduct and hush money scandals. However, it's been reported in recent weeks that McMahon has been getting more involved again since his return. For example, it was recently reported that McMahon handled creative for a recent episode of "WWE Raw," which resulted in a blow to locker room morale.

During the interview, Khan elaborated on what Levesque's role actually entails, while also discussing McMahon's involvement in the creative side of things. "Paul is in charge of creative. If he wants input from Vince or Vince has ideas that he and Paul are going to communicate, that's always going to be the case."


Khan also praised the infrastructure that WWE has in place, stating that the company benefits from having McMahon and Leveque on board. "We're lucky to have Vince. We're lucky to have Paul in control of creative. We're lucky that the setup that Vince created, that the company could continue to exist, even when Vince stepped out for that five-month period, the company kept flowing."