Jake Roberts Explains Why He Was Never A Fan Of Wrestling In Japan

A lot of professional wrestlers can say they've honed their craft all over the world, and WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts is one of them, having performed in Australia, Austria, Germany, and even Japan over the years. Naturally, not everybody is going to take to a new place, and Japan was ultimately not for him. Recently on "The Snake Pit," Roberts broke down why that was.

"Japanese fans react differently," he said. Generally speaking, you will hear far, far less noise during a professional wrestling event in Japan than your average "WWE Raw" in the United States. So at Wrestling Summit in Japan on April 13, 1990, when Roberts was taking on Big Boss Man, there was supposedly a worry that these then-WWF guys wouldn't be over enough. Regardless, he never let the crowd dictate his style.

"Well, you just get used to it, man. You have to go with it," Roberts continued, before bluntly answering "Nope" when asked if that changed his approach. He also didn't show too much love for the Tokyo Dome, where New Japan Pro-Wrestling has held a show on January 4 every year since 1992. At the end of the day, it simply came down to preferences, and he didn't prefer wrestling in Japan.

When asked how the Tokyo Dome compared to other venues he had performed in, Roberts stated "it didn't" and added that "the building itself is just not as big as some of ours."

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