Konnan Says Tony Khan Really Does Hate WWE, Was Upset About Dragon Lee Beating FTR

As a prominent figure in the management of AAA, Konnan has his feet in many different universes. Having worked closely with Tony Khan, he's aware that there's bad blood in the wrestling business.

"I can confirm to you 100 percent [Tony Khan's anger at WWE] is real and he was really pissed off when Dragon Lee beat FTR," Konnan said on the latest "K100" podcast.

Konnan said that he had to approach Khan gingerly about his opportunity to induct Rey Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame. According to Konnan, he made sure to speak with Khan "out of respect" and due to AAA's many business dealings with AEW.

"He has Pentagon and Fenix and Taya [Valkyrie] and he's got people under contract that we use, that literally started in AAA," Konnan explained. "I get along with Tony but I did tell him that I'm gonna [induct Rey Mysterio in the Hall of Fame] and he said, 'Yeah, very good, very logical,' because he knows we're boys."

According to Konnan's co-host, he believes that Khan is simply too big of a wrestling fan not to love Konnan's induction speech. Konnan agreed, adding that Tony Khan is "not a hater." Khan has been open about his issues with WWE, recently admitting that part of it stems from WWE trying to get in between AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. However, NJPW officials ended up "not trusting" WWE and turned down the company's offer of a partnership, which led to AEW and NJPW flourishing further.

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