Prince Nana Is Proud Of Swerve Strickland's Development, Says He'll Be A Problem In AEW

Prince Nana has been associated with Ring of Honor since the company's formation over two decades ago. The former wrestler turned manager is still with the brand today, now under Tony Khan's leadership. Just recently, Nana formed the Embassy Mogul on "AEW Dynamite" by aligning his client Brian Cage with Swerve Strickland. During a new episode of "The Sessions," Nana explained that he's very happy to still be with ROH to bring out strong characters like Cage and Strickland.

"Let me tell you something, I've known Swerve Strickland his whole career and to see him go from day one, 'Hi, how are you, sir. Nice to meet you, sir,' to who he is today. Unbelievable," Nana said. "So proud of him. He is going to be a problem. He is going to be a problem in the wrestling industry. Give him six more months of what we have planned and what we're going to put together and the affiliates that we involved that we're going to be bringing into the picture, Renee," he stated with a laugh.

Nana also praised Strickland's work out of the ring in the music industry and how that has drawn outside interest into what he's doing in AEW. He believes their new partnership is "​​a match made in heaven" and that he feels sorry for "The Pillars" because "it's time for us to take what's ours."

Strickland has been with AEW for just over a year after debuting at Revolution 2022. He captured the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Keith Lee in July, and they experienced a 70-day reign. Shortly after losing the gold to The Acclaimed, Strickland turned on Lee, which ignited a rivalry that is still ongoing today.

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