Tony Chimel Doesn't See Himself Ever Getting Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Former WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel was with the company for a number of years, starting out as a ring technician before becoming an announcer in 1991, eventually rising up to become the voice of "WWE SmackDown." Chimel was released by WWE in 2020, however, and during a recent appearance on the "Monday Mailbag" podcast with former WWE referee Mike Chioda, Chimel shared his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame as well as his chances for a potential induction.

"First of all, I don't ever see that phone call being called to me," Chimel said when asked who would be the one to induct him into the Hall of Fame. Chimel went on to state that while he was excited that referee Tim White was inducted this year, he isn't quite sure what the Warrior Award is for, and believes that White could've been inducted strictly on his merits as a referee. Along with that, Chimel stated that there are plenty of people working behind the scenes who deserve the honor as well.

"There's so many people there that have been there for so long, and all [WWE is] worried about is how many tickets [they] can sell," Chimel continued. "It really doesn't mean much, the Hall of Fame. It's really just another venue for them to make a crap ton of money." The former ring announcer said that there are a number of people in the WWE Hall of Fame that deserve the position, but there are also people inducted who don't make quite as much sense.

While he doesn't see it happening, Chimel did have a couple of names in mind to induct him into the Hall of Fame. If he ever got the call, Chimel shared that he would love to have either Edge or John Cena induct him.