GLOW Veteran Royal Hawaiian Says 'Original Girls' Have Mixed Feelings On Netflix Show

The Netflix series "GLOW" never got the chance to go out on its own terms with the streamer pulling the plug on its final season in the midst of production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, fond memories of the show and its source material — the original "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" — continue to live on. 

But for all the attention "GLOW" brought back to the original all-women's wrestling promotion, that doesn't mean it was fully embraced by all of its members with some taking issue with how the behind-the-scenes happenings of the original were portrayed. Sitting down with "Wrestling Then And Now," April Homm — best known as Royal Hawaiian in her wrestling days — shared the complicated feelings many had with the accuracy of the Netflix programming. 

"A lot of the girls had mixed feelings because they didn't feel it was portrayed like our show ...Our director wasn't a druggie like Marc Maron plays on the show. And there was ... our show was a family show," she explained. "You could come to our show every week, and it had tons of kids. When G.L.O.W. was on the road, touring different cities across the country, our shows were filled with kids."

"It's definitely a different vibe if you will, to where — not to say it didn't get viewers, and a lot of fans all loved it, because if there's anything G.L.O.W., they're in," she continued. "I just tell the younger kids that they'll have to watch 'GLOW' on Netflix when they're in high school ... So it was loosely based." However, Homm did admitted that there were plenty of G.L.O.W. alumni and original fans out there who enjoyed the Netflix show for what it was.