Zelina Vega Discusses Her First Babyface Run In WWE, Pairing With Rey Mysterio

Zelina Vega is no stranger to playing the manager role in WWE, however she's never done it as a babyface until recently. During a recent appearance on "Out of Character," Vega discussed what her new experience has been like thus far.

"I've never been a babyface before on TV ever, like in my whole 14 years of doing this," Vega said. "So it's very, very cool, very different, and to add parts of Rey Mysterio into the match I had with Rhea and Dom, that was really fun for me."

Vega added, "I've always said that I'm never the, 'Cheer for me,' kind of person." She noted how it's easy for Liv Morgan to be a babyface because she genuinely likes people, whereas Vega doesn't, but people may find her likeable because she has seven cats and is into anime. She continued, "Plus, you can't hate me when I'm on Rey Mysterio's side, and I know we've had our differences or whatever, but we're good now. He forgives very easily."

The 32-year-old joined WWE in 2017 and was paired with Andrade "Cien" Almas on "NXT." The two remained a duo on the main roster for several years, which led to Andrade capturing the WWE United States Championship. It was during that time when Andrade and Vega stood opposite of Mysterio on "Raw." It appears the recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee truly has moved on as he recently offered Vega's Legado del Fantasma faction to be rebranded as the modern day Latino World Order.

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