Arn Anderson Says Mick Foley Is Hurting, Thanks Him For What He Gave To Wrestling

For nearly 30 years, Mick Foley gave his body to professional wrestling. And after a while, those years start to take their toll. WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson can certainly attest to that, and has gone so far as to reveal the "Hardcore Legend" is now paying the price. While recounting the faces of Foley on a recent episode of "ARN," he made it clear that even if his fellow Hall of Famer isn't showing it, the damage has been done.

"Well you say 'How is he not hurt and injured?' He is," Anderson said. "You don't see it, he doesn't let you see it." Anderson then recounted how Foley looks at signings from the moment he walks through the doors until a couple of hours have passed and he's having to get up and sit back down in a chair. "I don't think he would be offended if I let the cat out of the bag," he continued. "He is crippled up. He just enjoys so much still being around the business." Of course, it's understandable now more than ever that his body would be feeling the effects.

As it happens, being thrown from the top of a cell and losing an ear during a match are just two of the many instances Foley sacrificed his well-being for the industry. At the end of the day, it's his love for the business that keeps him around. "He has pretty much volunteered his well-being and health for the entertainment of wrestling fans," Anderson added. "And you gotta appreciate that, you gotta respect it, and you gotta just say God bless you, Mick. Thank you."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "ARN" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.