Tons Of Details On CM Punk Visiting WWE Raw, Reaction Internally And In AEW

CM Punk was reportedly backstage at "WWE Raw," but fans shouldn't expect to see him return to his former company anytime soon.

According to PWInsider Elite, Punk met several WWE talents and employees while they were on the same flight. After finding out that "Raw" was being held at the Allstate Arena, which isn't far from Punk's home in Chicago, he visited the venue and hung out in the common area for around 20 minutes. He wasn't hidden, nor was his visit expected.

The report states that Punk had conversations with employees such as Paul "Triple H" Levesque and The Miz. Furthermore, his chat with Miz supposedly led to them clearing the air after having heat with each other. The overall impression was that people were happy to see Punk and many of them greeted him in a positive manner. Those who didn't were more confused to see him than anything. Punk was asked to leave by WWE security shortly after arriving, and he did so respectfully.

Of course, Punk's appearance has led some people to believe he may have been gauging interest for a WWE return. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio revealed that people within AEW are under this impression; however, the PWInsider notes that he still has a lot of time left on his AEW contract and was merely there to visit some people and clear the air. 

Regarding his relationship with Tony Khan's promotion, it's been reported that Punk will return to AEW later this year and be part of the rumored Saturday show.