Bully Ray And Mark Henry Downplay CM Punk's Backstage Appearance At WWE Raw

While fans wait for his impending return to AEW, CM Punk caused a stir again on Monday when he reportedly visited several WWE stars backstage at "Raw" in his hometown of Chicago. While speculation suggested he could be interested in a WWE return, it appears he was simply visiting or perhaps burying a few hatchets. During the latest episode of "Busted Open Radio," co-hosts Mark Henry and Bully Ray provided their thoughts.


Henry noted that there's never been a problem in AEW of wives, husbands, friends, and business partners visiting. A lot of times, they don't even know those people are visiting unless someone purposely leaks it. "Why Punk? Because he's polarizing," Henry said. "Because it will make big news. Punk has friends at WWE that's like brothers to him."

Henry recalled how when WWE was in Austin, Texas, one time, Vince McMahon called him to come down to the arena and give him a hug. "No problems, no stress," Henry continued. "It happens all the time. Now was he wanted there? Obviously not."

Bully Ray chimed in, "I could give a d*** less what CM Punk was doing at 'Monday Night Raw.'" Ray offered several scenarios for why Punk was there ranging from wanting to say hello to friends, to burying the hatchet with Triple H, or maybe even AJ Lee wanting to visit. "It is absolutely nothing but social media wanting to turn it into this big, big thing," Ray said.


The multi-time tag team champion noted that all he cares about is when Punk will pop back up on AEW programming in a "great storyline" that will generate money, ratings, or pay-per-view buy rates.

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