Santino Marella Wants Another WWE Run, Would Love To Return In The Royal Rumble

Every wrestler dreams about being a world champion, but there are other ways to be remembered in professional wrestling. People like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Razor Ramon, and Santino Marella never won a world title during their time in WWE and they're still beloved by generations of fans because they were entertaining. The man behind the "Milan Miracle" still has aspirations to return to the company one day. On "The Ignorance Is Strength Podcast," Marella revealed this motivation is for his kids to remember his time in a WWE ring. Though his 27-year-old daughter who wrestles on "NXT" as Arianna Grace knows his career well, he also has a one-year-old and a four-year-old that weren't around for the Ruthless Aggression era.


"I just wrestled in front of my four-year-old [son] for the first time at [Impact Wrestling's] Rebellion pay-per-view," said the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. "It made me realize I want to wrestle a little bit just for him, and then for my younger daughter just to give them a memory ... I may have to wrestle for a few more years sporadically and give them some lifelong memories"

As far as what he'd like to do during a comeback, Marella said he'd like to show up as an entrant in a Royal Rumble match. In 2020, he appeared as Santina in the women's Royal Rumble, but he said he'd like to "actually come back as Santino [because] I think people would really appreciate that." Until then, Marella gets to work with his son, who recently started calling him Santino since "no one chants for Daddy or Anthony."


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