Mickie James And CM Punk Were Almost A Reimagined Team Xtreme In WWE

While CM Punk and Mickie James can be associated with many great things throughout their wrestling career, one thing most would never put them in the same sentence with is Team Xtreme. And yet, WWE was looking to do just that with the duo, who had worked together as part of Raven's Gathering stable in TNA, and who came to WWE potentially earmarked to work together as well.

On the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer confirmed to James that WWE was looking at her and Punk as a Hardyz/Lita style duo when they worked a dark match on "Sunday Night Heat." Unfortunately, it was not to the liking of John Laurinaitis, then WWE head of talent relations, with Dreamer recalling this exchange after the match.

"You guys come to the back, the match wasn't the best, it wasn't your or Punk's fault, but then Johnny's like 'Where's all your dives and sentons?'" Dreamer said. "And Punk's like 'Have you never watched any of my stuff? I don't do that.' And Johnny was pissed because he thought you two guys had this cool look and you'd be a great pairing together as this new Team Xtreme. But being judged right then and there was 'See you later.'"

James recalled a similar sentiment being expressed after the match, but from a different figure. Instead of Laurinaitis, James remembers her and Punk speaking with Triple H.

"We got to the back, and Hunter was actually the one that pulled us aside and was like 'You're awesome,'" James said. "'You're awesome. You two together? Don't get it.' And I'm like 'Yeah, I get that.' I just assumed it was based on the stuff we did with Raven at TNA, as part of being The Gathering."

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