Indi Hartwell Injury Nearly Led To New Women's Champion Being Crowned On WWE NXT

Several "WWE NXT" stars are reportedly nursing injuries following their matches on this week's Spring Breakin' episode.

According to Bryan Alvarez of "F4WOnline," "NXT" Women's Champion Indi Hartwell suffered a legitimate ankle injury during her main event title defense against Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez. The injury occurred when Hartwell landed awkwardly on her ankle while on the receiving end of a tope off the turnbuckle from Stratton. Hartwell was immediately rushed to the back as the match turned into a singles bout between the two challengers. 

Just as Perez seemed to have Stratton pinned, the champion returned to the ring to break up the pinfall, before delivering a boot to Perez and a spinebuster to Stratton. The finishing sequence saw all three women exchanging offense until Harwell delivered a thunderous lariat to Perez for the pinfall victory. Despite Hartwell's injury, WWE pulled off the planned finish to the match, per Alvarez. 

"They actually changed the finish to Tiffany winning after Indi got hurt, but then Indi managed to make it back out to do the planned finish," Alvarez reported via Twitter.

Besides Hartwell, Grayson Waller and Sol Ruca also got banged up on Wednesday's show. Fans who watched the finish to the Waller vs. Carmelo Hayes bout must have noticed that Waller attempted his signature Rolling Thunder Stunner, but ended up tripping on the bottom rope, allowing Hayes to hit a diving leg drop for the victory. According to Alvarez, WWE called an audible and rushed the finish when Waller became hurt while attempting his finisher. 

Meanwhile, Ruca is also dealing with an undisclosed injury, which is why WWE ran an injury angle. She became the latest victim of the mystery assailant, who had previously taken out Nikkita Lyons and Wendy Choo with a series of attacks outside the Performance Center.