Brian Hebner Says AEW Has The Worst Refereeing In Pro Wrestling

Some of the most common criticisms lobbed toward All Elite Wrestling are centered around issues with AEW referees. Former WWE and Impact Wrestling referee Brian Hebner, speaking today on SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio," was quite open about his problems with AEW's officiating.

"[Refereeing] is the s**ts," Hebner said. "Across the board." Hebner stated that today's referees make too many mistakes, and said it seems as though too many of them are taught incorrectly or just don't perform their jobs well, and he sees AEW as the worst offender.

"Nothing ever changes," Hebner continued. "It's like nobody gives two s**ts whether they do it right or wrong. And there's no ramifications for all the screws up that happen week in and week out. It's just amazing. It really is."

Hebner pointed out a supposed mistake made during the main event of last week's "AEW Dynamite," where "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry was being counted out after being thrown to a table outside the ring. After a struggle, Perry made his way back into the ring, and Hebner argued that referee Bryce Remsburg should have restarted the count. It should be noted that Remsburg was distracted by Sammy Guevara at that moment, and Perry was quickly pulled back to the outside by MJF before Remsburg had a chance to see him inside the ring.

Hebner continued on by criticizing the use of tables and chairs in the company, stating they should cause disqualifications. The referee also shared that, while working an "AEW Dynamite" taping as an Impact referee, he had heard differing instructions from company officials on whether they used a 10-count or a 20-count for count outs.