Megha Parekh Hopes AEW All Access Will Attract A Different Audience

WWE's "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas" franchises helped draw hoards of new fans who might not have been familiar with the world of professional wrestling beforehand. And AEW's new "All Access" reality series aims to follow a similar trajectory while educating existing fans on what all takes place behind the scenes.

That's according to AEW Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh, who opened up about the new TBS series during her recent appearance on the "A2theK" wrestling podcast.

"Honestly for me, it was such a learning experience to see what their process was like," the AEW executive said about the first time she watched the show. "I just enjoy learning new things and so to me, it was fascinating to see what it's like for them as they're putting matches together, getting ready to go out, what goes into the process as it relates to storytelling. And so yeah, I mean, I think that the hope is obviously that it'll help attract a different type of audience and attract more people to watching, not just 'All Access,' but also of course the main programming."

Parekh said AEW has found over its first five years that "a lot of fans really enjoy the behind-the-scenes content" that the promotion regularly posts on social media.

The AEW exec said that "All Access" was "an opportunity to do that at an even higher level."

The program is in the midst of its first season with mixed reviews, thus far, focusing heavily on Adam Cole's return to the ring after a concussion sidelined him last summer. AEW's ownership and its wrestlers have said they hope to connect with fans on a personal level and "humanize" the promotion's performers.