Ace Austin Has Sights Set On Impact's Main Event Scene

Ace Austin has already accomplished many great things in his career. Outside of his home promotion of Impact, the "Ace of Spades" has appeared in esteemed promotions in America, Mexico, and Japan. He competed in the prestigious Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Austin currently holds the Impact Tag Team Championships with his Bullet Club brethren, Chris Bey. However, the former X-Division Champion still has aspirations to become the youngest Impact World Champion in history.

While speaking to "Busted Open Radio," Austin revealed that after unsuccessfully attempting to capture the title a number of times in the past, this goal is still on his mind. His priorities have shifted as of late since joining Bullet Club and forming the Ace and Bey Connection, but he says that "it's a definite inevitability" that his time with the fan-favorite faction will propel him into superstardom, just as it did for another member that he often gets compared to.

"I've consistently been put up side by side with AJ Styles since I started with Impact," declared the confident Austin. "They've placed my name among the greats because I believe that I will be one of the greats ... I've always been able to grow and expand and that's what I'm going to continue to do. The growth that I'm going to get from this run with Chris is going to shape me into the guy that's going to be a world champion in the future."

After David Finlay stepped up as the new leader of Bullet Club in NJPW, The ABC was not among the group's official members. If that news reaches the Impact Zone and the team disbands, then it's possible that Austin's hunt for singles gold starts again. But either way, the sky is the limit for the young wrestler.