Mark Henry On What's Missing From The WWE Draft

After the 2023 WWE Draft kicked off on Friday night with some monumental moves, the action is set to continue on tonight's "Raw" with even more potentially game-changing acquisitions. However, according to Mark Henry, a few things could have been done to make the presentation of the draft better.

On a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Henry shared that he enjoyed the first part of the WWE Draft on "Smackdown," but he noted two big changes that he would have made to make it more interesting. First, while he praised Scott Stanford and Matt Camp for their efforts on "The Smackdown Lowdown" on Peacock where they shared the remaining picks that weren't shown during the blue brand's live broadcast, "The World's Strongest Man" would have preferred to see those names on a ticker at the bottom of the screen during "SmackDown" instead of on social media after the fact.

Then, the other thing Henry suggested was more interaction with "network executives" vying to score their desired picks.

"[The draft] lacked one thing: the war room — executives with the network. You gotta have a Fox representative. You gotta have a USA representative talking to a Michael Hayes or talking to a Triple H, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, anybody. Please! Have them interacting, then when the pick comes in, they should be like, 'Yeah we got our guy!' I think that would reel us in more."

Back in 2019, WWE reverted to a draft format from the Superstar Shake-Up when "SmackDown" moved to Fox. Both networks were heavily involved in each pick at the time, but as the years went on, this element of the show fell to the wayside. With more opportunities for expanding stories and characters, hopefully WWE listens to Henry and brings war rooms back in future drafts.