NWA Star BLK Jeez Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma, GoFundMe Launched

An NWA star is in need of some help right now. BLK Jeez (real name Darnell Kittrell) revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer after lingering back pain led him to the emergency room. Upon evaluation of his bloodwork, doctors determined Jeez had developed multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of plasma cells that build up in one's bone marrow and overcrowd the healthy blood cells that people need to fight infections.

As a result of his diagnosis, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to assist Jeez with his medical expenses and lost wages while undergoes the necessary treatment. In the years prior, Jeez had suffered multiple back fractures, which weakened his physical condition. The fundraiser description noted that Jeez's most recent back issues have since healed, but the journey ahead of him will not be easy, as there is no current cure for multiple myeloma.

Despite the likelihood of it returning after initial treatment, Jeez is poised to fight the myeloma the best he can. In the meantime, his family and friends hope that the community will stand by him.

In recent months, BLK Jeez has aligned himself with EC3 to form a partnership between CYN (Control Your Narrative) and Church's Money Entertainment in the hopes of cultivating some new opportunities. That opportunity, though, pitted one of Jeez's other allies, Cyon, against his newfound collaborator, EC3, as the two battled over the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at the NWA 312 pay-per-view last month. Cyon fought hard to defend his title, but in the end, EC3 walked away as the new champion.