WWE CEO Nick Khan Doesn't Expect Endeavor To Get Creatively Involved With Company

WWE held their quarterly earnings call this morning with investors. Wrestling Inc was in attendance. During the Q&A, WWE was asked how they expected to handle life inside of a larger company. They were more specifically asked how to keep the business fresh, especially on the creative side and keeping the rating trends positive.


WWE CEO Nick Khan started out by emphasizing his familiarity with Endeavor from years before acquisition was even on the table. "We're all excited about everything that should and will happen together with UFC and with the folks from Endeavor," he said. "Keep in mind, we've known these folks for a long period of time, so they're not strangers to us. They're style is not strange to us. It's something that we give a full embrace to."

He added that fans and investors should expect no involvement from Endeavor into booking or creative: "I can certainly represent emphatically to you on the creative [side] that there's no one at Endeavor or the UFC that has any interest in trying to interfere with that in any way whatsoever. I think Dana White would also represent to you that never or almost never –- I don't know the specifics but never would be my guess –- have the Endeavor folks told him 'you should do this match' or 'you should do it this way.' That's not what they do, that's not what they say they do, and that's not what they're gonna do." He instead spoke about leveraging Endeavor's expertise on growing revenue and building the business both internationally and domestically, and will get into more specifics on that end once the deal with Endeavor is finalized.


Paul "Triple H" Levesque reiterated this point afterward, saying "creatively we look forward to doing what we do" and expressed his own excitement for what Endeavor brings to the table.

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