Diamante And Kiera Hogan Gave Each Other The Confidence To Come Out As A Couple

Diamante was the latest guest on the "AEW Unrestricted" podcast. The AEW star spoke about her relationship with her girlfriend: AEW star and former two-time Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champion Kiera Hogan. During the podcast, Diamante revealed how they both gave each other confidence to come out as a couple.

"Kiera actually gave me a lot of that confidence," said Diamante. "I think we gave each other the confidence that we didn't have to be out and just ourselves with our relationship. It was very different for me, like I said, I was used to being just to myself. Getting with her and seeing how happy I was, I was like this doesn't deserve to be hidden or kept behind closed doors. This deserves for people to see it and maybe be inspired."

Diamante also noted how it was crazy that when Hogan announced their relationship via Twitter back in July 2019, it "broke the internet" due to the number of articles written on it. Before coming to All Elite Wrestling, the two were both in Impact Wrestling, where Diamante was a member of LAX, while Hogan was in a tag team with Tasha Steelz known as Fire 'N Flava.

Diamante's last televised AEW match was on the September 23, 2022, episode of "AEW Rampage," where she tried to capture Jade Cargill's TBS Championship. Hogan's last match was just two weeks ago against Julia Hart on the April 22 episode of "Rampage."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "AEW Unrestricted" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.