Damian Priest Discusses What It Means To Be Back In Puerto Rico For WWE Backlash

Damian Priest returns home this weekend as WWE heads to San Juan, Puerto Rico for Backlash. Priest, of course, was born in New York City, but was largely raised about 50 minutes away from San Juan in a town called Dorado. Now, he returns to his old stomping grounds to face Grammy Award-winning recording artist, and fellow Puerto Rican, Bad Bunny in a street fight.


In a recent appearance on WWE's "After The Bell," Priest discussed what Puerto Rico meant to him and how its roots shaped his life. "So being from Puerto Rico, from descent of Puerto Rican blood, there's a pride that comes with that," he said. "It's like a duty to have that pride. You see the shirt. I have tattoos of the flag. That's just common, just being a Puerto Rican. Being back on the island and having this event here, being raised here, man, it's all special."

Priest also revealed that Puerto Rico bonded him with professional wrestling as he grew up watching the sport with his friends there. Through his viewing experience, and playing with actions figures, Priest developed his own desire to perform in the ring. "The feeling I got from watching these superheroes and supervillains. I was like, 'I want to be that,'" he recalled.


Now, Priest will compete at Puerto Rico's first WWE premium live event in 18 years. None of it would be possible without the superhero fantasy he dreamt up during his childhood, though. "This is where I got that love. The island helped me find that path, and [I'm] forever grateful."

Make sure to check out Wrestling Inc. on Saturday for live coverage of "WWE Backlash," as well as all the latest news leading into the event.