Jim Ross Isn't A Fan Of Intergender Wrestling, Says Chyna Wanted To Wrestle Men

The idea of male wrestlers selling for a woman was unfathomable in 1990s WWE, let alone brutes such as Animal and Hawk. However, that's exactly what transpired on the May 4, 1998 episode of "WWE Raw," when D-Generation X wrestled Disciples Of Apocalypse and LOD 2000 in an eight-person tag team match. Within two minutes, Chyna tagged in and hit Skull with a hurricanrana, before delivering more offense on her opponents. Eventually, Chyna would hit a low blow on Hawk before striking him with a stiff right hand. Reflecting on the match, Jim Ross believes LOD 2000 "didn't have any leverage" and had no option but to sell for the "Ninth Wonder of The World." That said, Ross was not thrilled to see Chyna beating up men. 

"I'm not a fan of intergender wrestling," Ross said on "Grilling JR." "I understand if you're booked and looking for a payday; I understand why people would do it. However, I don't know for the overall health of the wrestling business, if women wrestling men is the thing to do. Even though Chyna had a great physique, it was just a little unrealistic for me. It didn't feel right to me."

Eventually, Chyna progressed from hitting adversaries with low blows to capturing championship gold — winning the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett at No Mercy 1999. However, Chyna didn't win the Women's Championship until WrestleMania X-Seven, a move that Ross believes downgraded her status within the company. "It was one of the saddest days of her career," Ross stressed. "She didn't want to wrestle women. She was adamant about it. Vince [McMahon] and I had to talk her into wrestling women. She wanted to wrestle men all the time."