Kenny Omega Remembers Wearing Bullet Club Gear For The First Time In NJPW

Over the years, New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Bullet Club faction has featured some truly star-studded members, including original leader Finn Balor (known at the time as Prince Devitt), AJ Styles, and, of course, Kenny Omega. Speaking to Sports Illustrated as part of a wide-ranging piece of the history of Bullet Club, Omega recalled the first time he ever put on his Bullet Club gear back in early 2015.


"Until then, it was just sketches on paper," Omega said. "When I finally stood in front of that full-length mirror for the first time, it was the first time I saw myself in my Bullet Club getup. The costume designer gave me the original 'Cleaner' gear, and I liked the way that I looked — and I liked the way I felt." The AEW star stated that NJPW President Naoki Sugabayashi entered the room and told him that he looked like a movie star in the outfit, giving him an important boost to his confidence ahead of his first major NJPW match.

Omega would eventually go on to become the leader of Bullet Club following the departure of Styles. At the same time, Omega was rising up the ranks of NJPW itself, eventually going on to become a featured performer for the company and defeating Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. According to Omega, it all started with that first Bullet Club gear.


"You know that old expression, 'The clothes make the man'?" Omega continued. "That applied here. This was edgy. It was cool. I felt like it could be the key to bigger and better things in my career."